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It gets to that point when you feel like you are ready for a change or you just want new opportunities. The construction industry is one of those industries that always has an opening for anyone looking to make that change.

The construction industry in the UK rakes in an estimated £90 billion annually. On the flipside, it sometimes gets a bad rap in the media as one of the industries laden with rogue traders and battling recession. However, the construction sector stands as one of the leading employers virtually everywhere.

Here are five great reasons to work in construction.

1. The Building Industry Never Runs Out Of Jobs

While in essence constructions jobs last for a given time, there is always a new building coming up and with it comes the need for a myriad of workers. 

The UK construction sector is in need of skilled professionals making it a great option for anyone looking to join the industry. 73% of construction firms need highly skilled construction workers. Also, with the government's pledge to create 3 million apprenticeships by 2020, young people have an excellent opportunity to land great positions in the lucrative industry.

2. Equal Work Opportunities For Everyone

Whether you are looking for a desk job or something to get your hands dirty; you can find that job position at a construction site. From bricklayers, plasterers, surveyors, and engineers; the possibilities of work within a building site are limitless.

Also, construction work allows you to learn on the job or go to college or university to gain the required knowledge and skills.

3. Make An Impact On Your Community

Few industries truly make a difference within the community, and the construction sector is one of those sectors. Whether it is a residential building, offices, commercial premises, or even a shopping mall; whatever you build will have a lasting impression in your community.

Construction also means that you have an opportunity to shape the world, and several months or year after the job is done you can look proudly back at what you helped to build. Best still, if you help build schools and hospitals you have a hand in ensuring that children have access to education and people have access to healthcare.

4. Construction Is A Lucrative Industry

Everyone wants to know that they are working in an industry that is slated for unparalleled growth. The industry is currently estimated to have a $78 trillion worth, and projections show that it is set to continue growing steadily in the next 15 years.

Given that the industry currently has a high demand for workers, it also means that workers wages have increased as well. Estimates have it that engineers, skilled construction workers, site managers, and architects are earning four times above the cost of living. There are lots of associated companies that work off the back of construction, including telesales and lead generation companies.

5. Job Satisfaction

Construction is one of those industries that also offer immediate work results translating to almost instant job satisfaction. Every day, the building process gets to a certain point, and it functions as a motivator for the workers to keep going on.

Most people treasure the ability to see the impact of the work of their hands immediately. It also ends up working as a stamp that you leave in the world showcasing work that you did. Working in construction is also an excellent way to meet new people and make new friends.

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