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What Is A Recruitment Agency

You may be looking for work or walking down the high street and chance upon a recruitment agency. For some, curiosity may make them wonder what a recruitment agency actually is, but the clue is all in the name.  Of course, each recruitment agency will have its own ways of operating and target themselves toward certain niches. However, the end result is always the same, and that is to find gainful employment for those seeking work.

Recruitment agencies match up those seeking employment with those searching for staff. Typically, the employee will be contracted to various locations via the agency, who receive a percentage of what the employer pays.  Now, this may seem a little bit off-putting, but it is important to note that employment agency staff will be at a much higher rate than permanent staff in a building. This is because the agency staff fills an urgent position and save the employers money in wasted time.

Most recruitment agencies will put together a CV for potential applicants, and then begin to match them to available work that they have on their books. The positions available may be part-time, full-time, permanent or temporary. Typically, agency work consists of shift work, but can also place workers in a regulated 9 – 5 position. Agency staff are usually in high demand and are highly valued as part of the workforce. 

You should never pay to join a recruitment agency, as they collect their fees directly from the employer as a percentage of your earnings. If you find an agency that wants you to pay to join, then move on and find one that doesn’t. As recruitment agencies will tend to have a lot of work on their books, you will usually be offered a selection of jobs to choose from. Once you have decided on a position, you will sign a contract and begin work.

Often times, joining a recruitment agency is a great way to find full-time employment and is especially beneficial for those who are struggling to find work or get interviews. As the agency connects the worker with the employer, finding a permanent position becomes much easier and no interviews are needed. All in all, the recruitment agency is like a middleman between those looking for staff and those looking for work. They bring the 2 together and help bridge the gap between the two.

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