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Work doesn’t always have to be a bog standard 9 – 5 desk job. There are some seriously strange jobs in the U.K workforce that are as well paid as they are quirky. So just what are the top 5 weirdest jobs you can do in the U.K?

Professional Queuer - £12,000 per year

England is famed for its Queuing system. For most of us, it is a daily occurrence to head for the fastest moving queue only for it to actually turn out to be the slowest moving one. We stand there and tut and look at the queue next to us with disdain as it moves at double speed. If you actually enjoy queuing, you can work for an agency that pays up to £20 per hour for you to stand in line to get the latest gadgets, promotions and sale items for others who don’t have the patience.

Pet Food Sampler - £20,000 per year

Many luxury brand pet food suppliers pride themselves on the fact that they provide pet food made with ingredients fit for human consumption. Why would you feed your beloved dog something that you would turn your nose up at? Well, if you enjoy eating then becoming a pet food taster could net you more than £100 per day.

World Wide Tea Sampler - £25,000 per year.

If you don’t fancy sampling pet food, why not spend 5 years training your taste buds to become a tea sampler. When your 5 years training is up you will be flying off around the world to sample up to 300 cups of tea a day in some of the world’s most exotic locations.

Sewer Flusher - £45,000 per year

While cleaning out sewers may not be your cup of tea, it pays amazingly well. You can expect to be paid up to £300 per day and get to work in one of the world’s oldest yet most advanced sewer networks. Of course, you need to have strong gag reflexes and a liking for rats, but think of the money.

Window Cleaner - £50,000 per year

You may think being a window cleaner is a pretty normal job. However, this is not just any building that is being cleaned; it is the iconic Gherkin in London. With more than 7000 panes of glass and standing at over 180 meters tall, this is no easy feat. It takes a crew of 9 people 10 days to clean all of the glass before the cycle starts again.

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