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What Tradesmen Are Needed To Build A House?

Constructing a house takes more than just assembling bricks and mortar. In fact, the average home will be built by an average of 25 different tradesmen ranging from those who design and put the plans into effect, to those who build the property from the foundations up.

If you have ever wondered what type of people and trades come together to build a house, this article will summarise them. Of course, this is just the skeleton crew list and does not cover absolutely every tradesman involved in a build. It is purely to give you a rough idea of the types of trades needed for a build.

Bricklayer: The bricklayer is the one who carefully constructs the house brick by brick. A working knowledge of chemistry and mathematics is involved in creating a perfect cement and a strong, well-built wall with its weight spread evenly.

Electrician: You cannot have a home without power. An electrician is the one who carefully places the cables throughout the home to ensure of a safe and reliable power supply.

Groundworkers: these are the ones who prepare the ground for the installation of the foundations before construction begins.

Stonemasons: these work in the construction of the inner walls and any other area making use of natural stone, such as garages, walls, and outbuildings.

Roofers: without a roof, your home will soon find itself flooded out. The roofer will put all of the tiles into place. This helps create a nice, watertight seal from the roof down.

Plasterers: To be able to decorate the walls, they first need a layer of plaster. This plaster creates a smooth and clean finish which is then primed and painted or papered.

Plumbers: every home needs running water and an outflow system to take waste away from the building. This is where the plumber comes in.

Decorators: these are the people who paint the walls and lay down all of the floorings. Think of them as the finishers of the buildings final look.

Tilers: tiles are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms and a tiler is the one who comes and affixes them to the walls and floors of the property.

This list is not exhaustive, but it does allow you a look at just how much work and skill goes into everyday building construction. The combination of knowledge helps property be built quickly and without hindrance.

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