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Working through Tradeline there is a number of different employment methods tailored to best suit each individual and to enhance each individuals take home pay.

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  • PAYE working directly for Tradeline Recruitment Ltd
  • Own Limited Company – if you have your own limited company then Tradeline can pay you weekly as per your invoice
  • Umbrella / Managed Service Companies – There are a number of different companies that offer these services. We have a number that we currently work with and our three preferred payroll providers are:
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Crest Plus have two payment options for those finding contract work through Tradeline Recruitment, which is the most suitable for you will depend on your personal circumstances so give us a call on 01244 684700 and we will talk you through your options.

Umbrella Plus

The right choice for those who want security and peace of mind. Umbrella Plus is the choice best suited to individuals who wish to enjoy the relative security and peace of mind that working as an employee affords.

Company Plus

The right choice for those who want to enjoy the financial protection and rewards of working through their own limited company. For some individuals the most rewarding way to work is for them to provide their services through the vehicle of a limited company, which they own and control. Often referred to as a personal service company (PSC). Company Plus is designed with those individuals in mind.

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Maxipay offer three services to those working within the Construction Industry.  Which one is right for you depends firstly on your hourly rate.  If you earn a rate of pay that is suitable for a number of our services then we will offer you a choice of being fully employed and entitled to all statutory benefits.  Or, you may choose that you prefer the flexibility of being engaged on a Contract for Services or even to set up your own limited company? Call one of our team of advisors to find out which is the right choice for you on 01892 686480


Be fully employed through Ducas.  Use expenses each week to reduce your Tax and NI payments.  Entitled to Statutory Sick, Paternity pay, Sick pay and holiday pay.

Construction Arena

Construction Arena Ltd service is available to workers who work within the construction industry, trades and labour earning £6.50 per hour and above.  If you do not want to be employed then this is the service for you.

United Associates

Think you may be interested in setting up your own limited company?  Why not speak to one of our in house Accountants to see if this would be a good financial option for you?

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Shield Tax Benefits

Shield Tax Benefits (STB) is available for lower paid workers who wish to be paid under a PAYE contract. The product is available for temporary workers earning between £6.50 (NMW) - £9.00.).

Shield Umbrella

Shield Umbrella is in place for PAYE contractors earning over £9.00 per hour. Shield have the most recent dispensation from the HMRC, which ensures contractors are able to offset a broad range of genuine expenses using this product. All temporary workers using Shield Umbrella are entitled to full PAYE statuary rights.

Shield Options

Shield Options is a hybrid product designed to pay contractors who are under Supervision, Direction and Control via a PAYE payment method to comply with legislation.

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  • rec construction
  • National Association of Shopfitters and interior Contractors
  • smas worksafe contractor as recognised by SSIP safety schemes in procurement
  • Constructionline part of capita plc
  • chas
  • Constructionline part of capita plc